am:pm is a label with a rather intriguing name: it immediately brings to mind the 12-hour clock which differentiates between day and night. However, the name refers in actuality to the two founders Ankur and Priyanka Modi. The duo developed a modern look brought to life with the help of ancient handicraft. Embroideries and prints can be found in each collection, drawing their expressive power from eye catching stylistic devices.

Comfort, an ideal fit and high quality represent the three main pillars of this label, which surely impresses onlookers with its vast diversity of details. The modern woman who appreciates and adores oriental design is certain to fall in love with am:pm. Ankur and Priyanka Modi have rediscovered Indian silhouettes, interpreting them in their way sure to please individualists.

Numerous famous and popular female actresses have declared themselves loyal customers of this label – Strong women like Madhuri Dixit, Kareena Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Shilpa Shetty, Hema Malini und Karisma Kapoor can’t get enough of am:pm‘s modern, Indian style! However, the summer collection 2015 is suited for more than just celebrities. The traditional kurta, the tunic and our all-time favorite and the epitome of femininity, the dress, breathe life into the collection. You will be able to enjoy this look live at the Lakmé Fashion Week.

Here, oriental embroideries are a key feature, but this time in a less dominating manner. Instead they have been incorporated as a side-thought of lovely details. The colors are also defined with a more understated character. Olive, coral, beige, red and white give the designs the necessary certain “oomph” and complement the modern, Indian style of this brand.

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