The brand name, Akaaro, is based on a Sanskrit word which means the letter A. The Indian brand is committed to an ethnic design-concept. The goal is to raise the esteem of fashion lovers which is constantly diminishing in the world today. This is why we can trust Akaaro on its quality – in the choice of materials and the production!

The natural textiles determine the nature-loving image. The lightly-woven fabric creates a casual appearance, both in the collections for men and in those for women. Indian classics such as the tunic mix with the general classics like the suit or linen skirt. This results in an east-western Mix n’ Match look which exerts itself with skilful simplicity.

The finely woven materials create an image of lightness. The Indian feeling is incorporated modernly in the look. The outfits tell of a joyful lifestyle and are the alternatives to the everyday mainstream. Even the suit receives a casual touch by Akaaro. Here, every one of you who do not want to be constrained by stringent fashion will find a look.

You can already see Akaaro in March at the Lakmé Fashion Week in India!

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