This week, everything on Readthetrieb revolves around stunning gowns and couture dresses. Garments which many of you have been dreaming of since childhood. Princess’s dresses that are usually worn on the red carpet. Such Hollywood-like dresses are also made by couture label Lana Mueller, a young label founded in 2015.

Exclusive, extravagant and glamorous dresses are what Lana Mueller is about. The chic combination of silk and lace defines the spirit of the brand. Despite the familiar look of the label, the clothes remain versatile. The collection is characterized by completely different silhouettes and styles.

This versatile and unusual style is also the label’s secret. Lana Muller evinces incredible sensuality, which is the result of the transparent lace elements. The shiny silk takes the opposing role and is usually presented in dramatic volumes. Thus, both the black evening dress in hourglass shape as well as the mini dress with pleated skirt appear very seductive!

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