Skirt • Anja Gockel  
Dress • FioFi

Softly falling fabrics with a breezy lightness are the essence of the spring and summer collection by the talented designer Anja Gockel..The designer succeeded in turning her brand into one of the most renowned German labels in her long career which started 15 years ago. After she graduated from the famous London Central St Martins and founded her label, she returned to her home country, Germany, where she is living and working to this day. As a working mother, she places importance on designing wearable fashion which will make you look fabulous in all kinds of daily situations.

Her spring and summer collection leaves a very feminine overall impression, just as we are used to from Anja Gockel. The cuts flatter the body with their figure-hugging and waisted silhouettes. Nevertheless, a certain amount of leg space is still given despite the tight fit. This means pencil skirts and shift dresses are characterized by a comfortably looser cut around the legs. This amazing mobility was demonstrated on the runway by dancing models.

If we take a look at the color palette, we can observe a cheerful diversity. No matter whether you fancy floral patterns, love eye-catching silvery models or prefer neutral or painted silk, the broad range will make you face the sweet agony of choice. Thus, the collection appears wonderfully varied and will surely offer something for different tastes and preferences. The feminine collection oozes cheerfulness and drips with joy. Anja Gockel’s fashion will indeed spice up your everyday life!


We are thanking the team of the hotel COSMO for cooperating with us!


Photography • Filine Fink

Styling: Catharina Gerekos

Hair & Make-up • Ivana Zoric