Greek attitude meets British peachiness. You might wonder what I’m talking about. Well, this unusual combination stems from Jenny Holmes’ and Dimitris Theocharidis’ founded brand „Jena Theo“.

The duo met during their studies in London and instantly knew there was something appealing to both. Designing is their deep passion!

Modernity becomes the focus of each collection, which is also always presented at the London Fashion Week. In summer 2015, they intentionally use fewer, but more elaborated shapes, which are then combined with different colors, patterns and details.

In my opinion, this elegant style is almost moving to the Asian direction. Implied egg-shapes namely remind us of kimono silhouettes.

Except for the leather leggings, there are only dresses in the product range. Each of them shows individual ingenuity thanks to different accents. The monochrome, black, knee-length dress highlights the wearer’s body with the help of lavish wrapped details on the waist.

Using summery prints, another tells of stories of sunsets during balmy summer nights. Soft color transitions, attached maxi bags, batwing sleeves, asymmetric layers and many other details create an original look.

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