Francesco Scognamiglio creates fashion with his heart and soul. He climbed up the career ladder fast and worked already inter alia with the fashion icon Donatella Versace. The rocking style is the trademark of this label. His shows also entertain with rock bands like Skunk Anansie. Popstar Madonna counts to his great fans.

The current winter collection focuses on the strong, contrasting colors black and white. Francesco Scognamiglio puts them in the limelight together or separated. He designed a dress made of black material and a sensual pullover. Leather must not be missing in a rocking collection, that’s why a high-waisted pencil skirt is created out of it.

Wide, black cloth trousers are combined with white shirts. The front side is embellished with a flounced pattern. The general look of this collection is chic and cool at the same time. Francesco Scognamiglio composes a mix of minimalist clothing articles to create an elegant business look which is suitable for work and daily life. A white, floor-length and simple dress fits every occasion. The designs with a leopard pattern are the most exciting ones, Francesco Scognamiglio mixes white and black wildly here. The collection is completed by popular fur coats which are useful for the cold season.

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