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Gloomy and in a very special way also pedestrian, with sharp accentuations and purist cuts – NOM*D  focuses on the wearer’s femininity in a harmonious look. The hometown Dunedin of the designer Margarita and her husband Chris Robertson influences their fashion with its unique gothic flair. 1986 was the year of birth of this timeless and individual style, which isn’t influenced by short-lived trends at all.

I’m presenting the highlights of the summer line 2015, which is dedicated to the flowing character of black fabrics. The silhouette is enhanced by loose cuts, mostly in dresses. Dark colors are partly completed with patterns marked by psychedelic prints, geometric shapes and faces or masks. The casual character of the summer dresses is also used for the pants and tops. Cool cuts build up the basis of oversized shirts and cloth pants with a relaxed character. Asymmetries, subtle zippers and button lines extend the individuality, which is also done by the colors red and orange. NOM*D  articulates mystic nonchalance and individuality in a feminine and mysterious way – also at the New Zealand Fashion Week , the home country of the designs.

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