Fashion brand Nautica live up to their name with the launch of their new collection, which contains sailor-style highlights for the home as well as the wardrobe. Maritime elements have been perfectly integrated into current outfits, and the typical trademark white-blue colour combination can be found in every corner. This look is a sure winner, especially when summer rolls around, and it’s easily reinvented every day.

Nautica: the name says it all. Dive with into a watery world and discover the fashionable features of seafaring. In this attractive collection, blue and white take on red and black, and iconic stripes join other cheeky and original patterns in the attractive collection. The straight-line summer dress impresses with its maritime color blocking done a geometric style, while the shorts have been embellished with a nautical Aztec print.

When you look at the designs of this versatile summer collection, the many facets of the sea become obvious. The style is casually feminine: summer dresses, relaxed trousers and of course the striped shirt are waiting for you to put them together. The maritime look is so versatile and so feminine! It looks exciting thanks to the playful prints and nonchalant cuts. Playful collars or gathered details on the waist provide a finishing touch.

Nautica have become famous for their maritime designs, and with this collection, it’s easy to see why!

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