Hey Beauties.

The whole beauty world is head over heels over the Valentine’s Day – how about you? Although I know that a lot of people (and with people I mean most men) think that the Valentine’s Day is not an actual holiday, I personally am of the opinion that this is all a mere attitude thing. I am really looking forward to the upcoming Saturday. And to spread my love I brought a beautiful design for the special day for you guys. Some of you may know that I presented rather complicated designs on the past Valentine’s Day. That is why I’d like to keep it simpler with this one – simpler but very girly and feminine, exactly what we need for this day.

What you will need:

1x light pink or pink polish
1x pink glitter polish

Step 1
First off, take your pink nail polish from you nail polish rack. Mine is from China Glaze. It has tiny little glitter particles in it, but you can also use a totally matte one. Please paint all of your nails with the color.

Step 2
Now decide on one accent nail, the one nail you want to stand out a bit. The accent nail brings in the little something-something into your design. And because you already painted this one, the glitter polish will look much more grounded and intense on your nail. I used the color: “  “ by China Glaze. I really hope you like this color combination for the upcoming Valentine’s Day!

Yours truly,
Lana Hoang

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