The Sydney Tour – Beauty Alarm – Priceline Sale

Hey mate,

As a big fan of beauty stuff, I always seek to find new useful … and non-useful products for my collection. Usually, when I go to another country, I try to look for drugstores first. They always have their own beauty brands. So, it’s really fun to discover new brands and buy their products. I found out that many countries don’t really have this kind of drugstore we have in Germany. I’m talking about chains like DM or Rossmann, which for me are „pure“ toiletries and beauty sellers. So, usually you will only find pharmacies in other countries, which always always make me rather feel like being in a cold, old-school and hospital-like shop than in a modern, nicely decorated beauty shop.

Anyways, I found Australia’s most popular pharmacy called „Priceline“. They offer everything from toiletries over makeup stuff to medicines. A few weeks ago, they had their great 40%-off sale on all cosmetic products. THIS WAS AMAZING. This was a dream for me.

After having finished work, I ran to the next Priceline store and checked out their products. By the way, I have to admit that I went there several times during this sale week.

I guess, the first day, I spent almost one hour, checking out every single corner and makeup counter. And fortunately, I also found some new brands I’ve never heard of and tried before. This includes for example: Australis, Face of Australia or Savvy. These brands are only available here, so of course, I needed to get some of their products to try them out. After an hour, I paid 40 bucks for some Essie nail polish (only $5 !!!), powder etc..

The next day, I had to visit my new favorite pharmacy again. This day, numerous women were standing in front of the makeup counters. Dear men, that’s nothing for you. We all looked like greedy monsters… And also that day, I couldn’t leave the store without paying $50…. Sorry, wallet! And dear god, please forgive me and my beauty addiction, but I just couldn’t resist to check out their Online Shop. At the end, I ordered another bunch of makeup products, including brands like Revlon, Essie, OPI, Maybelline and Physicians Formula.

Nevertheless, I don’t regret my shopping bomb. See, I bought some OPI nail polish for only $6 or Cover Girl powder for only $10!!! Please stay tuned and check out my upcoming swatches for the products I bought! And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram Account.



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