Have you ever wondered why you tend to get pimples on the same parts of your face? Well, not everything has to do with facial products that may cause skin irritation. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, those spots on our face reflect our internal health. Certainly, this isn’t a general guide for all acne problems, but having a look inside our body might often be very reasonable.

Hairline: Inaccurate removal of makeup and/or overloaded usage of hair care products will block pores and result in pimples.

Forehead: Zits on the forehead are mostly caused by stress and toxin build up, which again often relates to poor digestion. You probably eat too much fat, meat and drink too little water.

Between the brows: Problems with the liver and chest tightness may be caused by alcohol, smoking or bad sleep habits. Also food like butter, cheese and other bloating foodstuff result in zits between the brows.

Nose: Passive lifestyle, stress and problems with digestion and cardiovascular diseases. Try to get more fresh air, eat less pungent foods like spices, garlic, but also try to avoid too much meat and salt.

Cheeks: Dirt, dirt, dirt. Anything dirty touching your skin, such as mobiles, dirty hands or even your pillow if you tend to sleep on the side of your face may cause this! Make sure to have a proper care routine for your skin, especially if you live in strongly polluted areas. If you get breakouts on the lower cheek, this might be an indication for poor dental health, so don’t forget to maintain your teeth and gums carefully.

Chin and jaw: Usually caused by hormone imbalance, especially around the time of menstruation. Avoid late night snacks! Eat more vegetables and fruits! Additionally, take care of your mental health. Reduce stress, get enough rest and maintain a proper sleeping habit.

Lip area: Instead of eating too much spicy and fried food, add more fiber, veggies and fruits to your diet.