Hello fellow beauty lovers.

I’m really happy to see that the Asian and particularly Korean beauty hype is slowly but gradually coming to Germany. Although the makeup seems to fascinate a lot of people, the skin care is the true favourite part of many, many beauty crazes out there. I myself was not spared by this addiction. They are famous for their innovative concepts, which can make the morning and evening beauty routine both beneficial and absolutely fun.

I ordered the Aloe Vera Soothing Gel  by Nature Republic because I’ve seen a lot of pictures on Instagram and it looked SO GOOD. It is claimed that it contains 92% of Aloe Vera and I am always game for that especially considering my skin has been suffering under the heating and thus dry air.

I waited approximately 4 weeks for my order because it came from Korea but I didn’t mind. The first impression was absolutely incredible because the texture is exactly how I imagine an Aloe Vera plant looks like from the inside. It’s thick, cooling and really pretty to look at and I just couldn’t wait to dive in.

It’s 3 weeks later now of using the gel daily and I must say that I’m not longer impressed. It certainly is fun to put on but I haven’t noticed any benefits for my skin at all. Okay, well, I got to admit that I have quite problematic skin right now due to my unhealthy sleeping pattern at the moment. But still, the gel didn’t moisturize my skin at all. I rather get the feeling that it made it worse. I’ve been having a lot of dry patches, which I haven’t had with my previous moisturizer. That’s why  I’m really not satisfied with the product. I got it for under 10 bucks, which makes it less disappointing, but still… I had high hopes which were all crushed in the end.

That’s definitely a NOT from me. I may use it for a little longer with hopes that it may turn, but I’m almost ready to throw it out.

Yours truly,
Lana Hoang

Image Source: Featured Image http://www.amazon.com/Nature-Republic-Soothing-Moisture-92-GEL/dp/B005DXDTAM
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