Hello fellow beauty lovers.

Welcome back.

In the past few months I really dug into everything revolving around the Mascara because every girl who places value on her beauty can’t live without this crucial makeup tool. Which one shall I use for volume? Which one for length? Does it always have to be the one or the other? Everyone longs for the perfect lashes. This is of course hard to achieve. But I can tell you one beauty hack which works out for sure. All you’ll need is your favorite mascara, it doesn’t matter which brand. And most importantly: You need a bra.

What sounds weird at first, isn’t that strange after all. As we gals don’t typically begin with putting on mascara in our morning routine we do have some time to spare to properly prepare for this hack. Prior to me putting on foundation or concealer I usually just stick my Mascara into my bra. Why? Well, this ensures your mascara to properly heat up before putting it on.

The heat will ease your work immensely. We won’t need several coats of Mascara anymore because due to the trick, the brush can grab much more product in one go, ensuring denser looking lashes.

Do try it out and let me know whether or not it worked for you!

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