All sorts of horror scenarios can happen to us while we’re on the run. A broken fingernail or fake eyelashes that start to detach themselves from the lids are probably the nightmare of every girl. For these reasons, nothing is more important for a makeup lover, as having a beauty bag with you all the time to have a solution for all emergencies. So what products are a MUST that should not be left at home?

  1. Nail File + Nail Polish
    For those of us who like to paint their nails or even wear acrylic or gel nails, there is nothing more important than bringing a nail file (in case of a disaster) and your nail polish with you. That way you can fix chipped nails and look professional again.
  2. Lip liner, lipstick, lip gloss
    All these products are needed especially when you go out dining, partying or when you go on a date. There is nothing worse than a worn off lipstick. Especially with dark or bright colors like red, it is important to keep it fresh all day long. No one likes to see a worn off lipstick at the center of your lips, a problem unfortunately occurring quite often when using Liquid Lipsticks.
  3. Mascara
    In case of an emotional disaster, take a waterproof one with you!
  4. Concealer
    Of course those beautiful pimples that so often appear on our faces love to expose themselves during the day. Therefore, a concealer in your matching skin color is more than necessary, since you can always bump into the love of your life and you don’t want to impress them with a giant zit on your face.
  5. Hair ties, hairpins, hair brush
    Your hair should never be neglected, which is why it is so important to bring those things with you in case it’s starting to rain or when a storm is coming. So take care ladies!