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Fashion by Lazlo means being deeply close to nature and also showing this love to the entire environment. Nature is the inspiration for their different collections and offers numerous ideas and motifs. This can be seen on the different cuts, prints and even in the choice of colors. Nature can appear so delicate, wild, seductive, vibrant and unique; and so do their collections, which offer the possibility to show off one’s different sides.

Edina László is the founder and only responsible woman for the designs. Her creations include features like purism, elegance and timelessness, combined with chic and youthful nonchalance. Since Edina strictly avoids short-lived trends, her fashion does not depend on the mainstream.

The feminine body of an elegant woman is emphasized by clear lines. Thereby, the designer leaves out overwhelming details and only works with prints or little accentuations. This also includes the usage of additional fabrics that are cleverly attached on oversized tops or straight-cut dresses. Beside nature-inspired prints, like trees or flowers, you will also find a lot of geometric forms.

One of the lines is dedicated to recycled textiles. In this collection, she uses lavish gathers to make old fabrics become elegant and sophisticated dresses. Lazlo offers you a clear style with feminine character, which looks young, architectural, modern and close to nature. Lazlo was also featured at the  MQ Vienna Fashion Week in mid-September which you hopefully didn’t miss.

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