Proenza Schouler, a popular label from New York, is presenting a beautiful spring and summer collection 2015 which we can really look forward to. Elegance packed in modern, feminine sexiness clashes with a big helping of rock ‘n’roll. This fashion is tough and yet soft, cheeky, exciting, unique and extraordinary – it’s blessed with all attributes an outfit needs to meet the expectations of a fashionable woman who wants to present all facets of her being-

One glance at the coming line and you all will be astonished. The impressive use of leather besides the well thought-out, aesthetic cut-outs and the careful use of colors and patterns are just some examples of the virtuous diversity which lies within the designs. One of my favorites is the cheeky leather outfits, of course. Apart from the coat in an orange snake leather design, the unconventional pants and dresses provide you with awesome alternative outfits beyond the mainstream look. By the way, the leather can serve as thrilling accentuations and will give your outfit the necessary certain something.

The knitwear of this label is absolutely enjoyable to look at as well. The knitted gems don’t only look absolutely original, but will also emphasize your sensuality as the meshes are so coarse they let the skin shine through. Apart from the cool, modern, rocking and elegant charisma of the entire line, it’s above all the femininity which is emphasized. My absolute favorite dress is the black dress whose silky shimmer segues into countless long fringes at waist height. Beautiful.

Proenza Schouler, for women  – Fall & Winter Collection 2013

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