On the MSGM fashion show in Milan the model’s makeup was based on a rhine stone that was sticked below their eyes. This is a great alternative for the usual eyeliner. If you are not into using rhine stones you can of course just recreate this look using an eyeliner as I did here.

Step 1: Choose your favorite eyeliner like for example the gel eyeliner in ‘black’ by Maybelline and draw on a little dot just in the center below your eyes.

Step 2: Although this look is kept very nude looking we still don’t want to miss any eyeshadow, which is why a metallic looking color would be perfect for this look. Here I chose a gold eyeshadow (‘Half baked’ by Urban Decay) and applied it on the inner part of my eyes.

Step 3: Lastly apply a thin coat of mascara on your upper and lower lashes.

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