The little black dress is a legend in the world of fashion and a mystery at the same time. There is not a single clothing item that is more versatile than the LBD. No matter which occasion you’re dressing up for, the little black dress is always an option. This is due to its unmistakable characteristics such as class, style, versatility and diversity. TLBD is the to-go dress when you want to combine both elegance and coolness.

This little piece of fashion history can be found as a staple in almost all closets. You as a woman are downright obliged to one at least one of those. The simpler the piece, the more versatile it can be in the long run. A pure cotton black dress with a tailored middle section and a tapered skirt can be adjusted with the simple use of different accessories. Given that this is the festive season, fashion also goes towards glamour and elegance. And even here, there’s no harm in pulling out that little black dress. Add a little bit of lace and you’ve got yourself the perfect femme fatale look for NYE.

If you were to combine your dress with a pair of cotton tights, a hair bow and simple golden jewelry, you’d turn into the girl every mother-in-law dreams about.

The little black dress can be everything you want it to be: It’s both striking and subtle and can be adapted either way.  In a sense, it’s one of those rare closet staples that enhance your personality instead of overshadowing it.

Trend designer such as Michael Kors are pioneers when it comes to diving into the diversity that the little black dress has to offer.

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