Mambo was founded in Australia and has become a true blue lifestyle brand. Mambo isn’t just for the eyes, but also for your ears! Mambo stands for fashion, music and sport and thus combines the really good things in life. The label is based on these four main ideas: music, surfing, humor and art. Doesn’t it sound promising?

The collections and particularly the motifs that can be found in the collections shouldn’t always be taken too seriously. Irony and sarcasm are an integral part of this label. In order to implement the exceptional looks, Mambo often works with artists. As an internationally recognized fashion brand, Mambo establishes the humor in the surf-wear.

The latest collection was created in collaboration with the artist, Anya Brock, who is known for extravagant prints and drawings where powerful colors are used. Even the fashion includes this character. It’s playful, abstract, loud, wild and colorful. The collaboration resulted in swimwear, beachwear and sportswear that mainly show up in shades of pink and blue.

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