The Red Dot Award  is one of the most important awards in terms of design. Some experts even consider it the most crucial prize in the design branch. Be it packaging, communication, game, illustration, music design, poster, advertising etc. – a vast multitude of categories have been set up to award and reward everything and everyone who succeeded in creating something which can be seen as a milestone in design history. I was especially happy to see Daniel Budiman, known for the gaming TV show Game One, elected as one of the jury members this year. Well, in general, there was a lot to be discovered including a ton of new apps. Well, to put it in another way: As a fan of design and art, I was in heaven!

One award in terms of communication design was given the enterprise Da Silva Gaspar for their wonderful package design. Maybe you remember our post about the beautiful porcelain tins of the Flor de Sal, a salt product of Da Silva Gaspar. It was a Munich design company which conceived the beautiful packaging. If you haven’t heard of this beautiful product, click hier to get to an elaborate article about the flor de sal.

da silva gaspar 2

The noble and discreet design, which perfectly depicts the maxim “Form follows Function” by Mies van der Rohe, won a prize in the category User Friendliness. Classical elements were paired with compromising, reduced design principles. In this way, a package was created which appears incredibly familiar and yet bears completely new innovative features.

Yes, I think that Da Silva Gaspar truly deserved this prize. Although Flor de Sal is “just” a salt product, you can’t deny the luxurious character of it, particularly if you know where it comes from and how it is extracted…

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