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Black, white, orange-red, elegance and sportiness – these are the secret ingredients of Shen’s fall and winter line. Behind Shen stands designer Mary-Ellen Prendergast. She comes from Auckland, part of the north peninsula of New Zealand. The brand name sounds sophisticated and has many different meanings, for example “eternal protection” or “awareness”. However, for Mary-Ellen this name means much more and is a symbol of versatility.

In this sporty ensemble of elegant basic cuts, which emphasize the boyish side, a youthful, electrifying style is shown in the collection. The designer interpretes classics refreshingly and jauntily in an urban way without leaving out the chic elements. Fresh edges and voluminous details interrupt the typical look and provide a special portion of singularity.

Monochrome, plain patterns or leopard prints that attract the entire attention – Shen wants to shape the feminine silhouette with the right color choice and arrangement. Also the mix of materials plays an important role. It is highlighted by cozy knits and shiny satin. However, only elements that can harmonize with each other with their cuts and colors are mixed. This results in a nice balance and harmony in the line.

On August 26, the opening day of the New Zealand Fashion Week , you can check out the label’s summer collection 2015.


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