The focus of the label Cheap Monday which was founded in 2004 was placed on the presentation of unique jeans items. These do not only live up to the high standards considering the fit, creativity and quality, but they seem to exceed all our expectations. The brand quickly became internationally famous and enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide. The cheeky skull logo which is typical of the brand is the hallmark of Cheap Monday.

Cheap Monday has always presented jeans which cross the borders of classical jeans design. Here, you can find complete outfits for women as well as men which embody the individual style of the brand. Jeans fabrics which are topped off with other materials and adorned by patch details mark the amazing style. The winter collection 2014 includes denim highlights which are paired with knitwear, cord and synthetic fabrics. Apart from indigo blue denim you can also find washed out designs or batik patterns. Double Denim Looks are absolutely obligatory in the fashion universe of Cheap Monday. Vintage pieces and silver oversize jackets complete the style.

In the summer line 2014, the juvenile style of the brand particularly struck the eye. The contrast between black and white is mostly presented with the help of cheeky stripes. The rebellious jeans jacket of course can’t be missing in any Cheap Monday collection and is worn by expressive print tops. The interplay of oversize prints and figure-hugging silhouettes will make boys and girls fall in love with the Swedish street wear brand. Seriously, it doesn’t surprise me at all that our entire capital city Berlin seems to be wearing Cheap Monday. You can encounter Cheap Monday fans in the Berghain, in skate parks or in hip cafés like Mein Haus am See.

On August 27th, at 16:00 it’s getting really exciting because Cheap Monday will then show their summer collection 2015 at the Fashion Week in Stockholm. Don’t miss it!

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