The Belarus Fashion Week is truly shining out everything in the fashion world this month, with the unique diversity, an exclusive accumulation of designers and numerous side events. The whole city of Minsk, so it seemed, went to see true fashion pieces on November 11 – 16. THE Belarusian fashion event of the year took place in the center of the capital and went on for 6 whole days. The event oozed sensuality, exclusivity and imaginativeness with an exclusive glimpse into the Spring/Summer Collections of 2015.

Each day had its own highlight, which doesn’t only include Fashion News alone. The reason behind that were the more than great line-ups and the many small side events next to the main show. Local and international designers took the chance to present their chic, international and trendsetting persona; they even showed how inventive and visionary both their designs and their characters can be and acted quite playfully with the audience.

After Prêt-à-porter lines, deluxe collections by different designers were next – you could basically expect everything the fashion world could offer.

The whole audience was in a frenzy thanks to continuous diversity, breathtaking performances and the always present Wow-effect. And next to that, highlights like the Fashion Blog Competition, a contest for young designers, exhibitions and screenings as well as original events inside of restaurants and night clubs took place. The genius exchange between all the little elements of the whole week turned the event into a festive and lovely experience.

On the second day Anastiasia Miranovich, a young and talented designer, surprised everyone with her feminine summer collection. It included a bright yellow and vibrant violet shades or shining rose colors that managed to make the mysteriously confident woman appear extra passionate. The designer lives and works in Minsk and managed to show off a trendy and strong willed woman through soft creations under the name “Aftertaste”.


The very last day had a special highlight up its sleeve. The label Kucherenko was founded by the eponymous designer Olga Kucherenko, who has been in the Belarusian fashion world ever since 2005 and somehow is seen as an “old hand” at the Fashion Week. This time around she presented the line “The Happy Nothing”, which connected Eastern with Western styles.


Top designers, a mixed program and spectacular newcomers have made the Belarus Fashion Week once again an incredible success.

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