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„Hell or high water”

That’s a very expressive name for a collection, don’t you think? James Dobson is the creative mind behind the label Jimmy D . It was founded in 2004 and I admit it has a rather dark look fuelled with sarcastic humour and little games and twists. His debut collection won the much desired Mercedes-Benz Startup award and with his latest collection he proved again that he deserved this prize to the fullest.

Jimmy D is based in Auckland, New Zealand and will present his latest designs for SS15 at the  New Zealand Fashion Week. This took place on August, 26th at 4pm. I’m a total goner for the individual style with which he plays in his different collections. He manages to combine a mysterious darkness with playful sarcasm. That’s especially an item in the upcoming fall and winter collection.

Black and a rather mystical blue dictate the whole tone of the collection. The design mainly consists of loose garments. Men and women are both dressed in flowy fabrics, which kind of blurs the border between the two sexes. With the use of see-through fabric and leather you kind of get the feeling that it’s the gothic style which inspired this collection. Men wear dresses, women wear wide pants – especially the asymmetry caused both turmoil and inimitability.

But in between those dark lines you’ll also find bright patterns and smart prints including a picture of a hemp plant. Isn’t that the epitome of irony? This sudden turnover with a happy tone is part of the show and secures a surprised laugh or two.

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