Florian Dovillez loves it the fancy way. The hairstylist and hat designer attracts attention with unconventional collections. The headgear the visionary creates is artful, adventurous, exclusive and versatile. The fashion lover is originally from France, but is now based in London.

Florian Dovillez combines hats and hair – his hat collections are defined by volume, sharp edges and clean lines. With his talent, he catches the attention of big names. The list of collaborations already extends to numerous designers such as Fendi and Moschino. He also worked at fashion shows of Chanel and Kenzo.

Florian Dovillez headgear is very exclusive, just like his hairstyles. Black leather pieces in the fetish look, hairy hats or sculptures for the head, there are no boundaries set for his imagination. In his collections, he even moves one step further by adding necklaces and body charms.

Definitely keep Florian Dovillez in mind, because there’s a lot to expect in future from this rising artist.

More Information: www.floriandovillez.com