Accessories are a must for a perfect outfit. Iconic musicians, movie stars and artists never go without chic jewelries or bags on the red carpet. Nevertheless, accessories can sometimes be very monotonous, but this year awaits us with something new – fur pom poms in all kinds of colors will now complete your personal look.

Of course, they are also available as fake-fur versions, which don’t affect the look at all. They once worked as highlights on the winter beanies, but they now stir the blood of all fans of accessories. You will find them in tons of colors. Most of them include a clasp, so you can easily attach them to other parts of your look.

These pom poms mostly come in the current trend colors rose pink, beige and blue. The clasp allows them to spice up any piece of your outfit, such as your handbag! They are this year’s highlights, especially because they are so versatile!

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