The good thing about plants is that they grow nearly everywhere and only run away in extremely rare circumstances. The even better thing about them is that herbs, weeds and Co can be used in multiple and helpful ways.

Stinging nettle: They aren’t only annoying but also really useful. First, you can cook tasty soup of them. Second, you can twist their fine cords into a fishing line and more.

Raspberry and blackberry shrubs: These berries are really tasty. Yet, you should watch out! Eat only those growing high above. Animals like to relieve themselves on lower ones, eating them can cause tapeworms. Furthermore, their leaves are suitable for an aromatic tea.

Ribwort: Plantain grows on any wild meadows. When you have to treat a wound or an insect bite just grind it, chew it a little and place it on the injured skin. Plantain has an anti-inflammatori effect and slightly alleviates pain.

Meadowsweet: The roots and sprounds are not only eatable, but as suitable for wound care as plantain.


You can create a succeeded wild salad of the following ingredients

Dandelion: It grows practically everywhere and gives a rather soury salad.

Sorrel: It is easy to find and enriches your Green Food

Wood sorrel: It brings good luck and a mild taste with it.

Beech: Its leaves can be manufactured into a salad in spring. A few beechnuts can be used as a replacement of walnuts.

Furthermore, these are edible when fallen from trees: acorns, beechnuts, chest nuts and pine nuts requiring most patience – it takes some time to get them out of their coats.

Mother nature offers way more plants which can help us not to starve or to alleviate pain. The listed ones are the easiest to find. Never forget: don’t eat something you don’t know! This could cause a bitter ending.

Copyright and Source:  http://www.zentrum-der-gesundheit.de/wildkraeuter.html