First of all, you guys should know that the chances of getting attacked by a wild animal are slimmer than to win the lottery. At most you should be scared of ticks. But what about abroad? What if you cross the path with an exotic animal overseas? I will give you some tips on how to survive in the wilderness, so stay tuned this could save your life!

Black bears: Whenever you spot one, carefully place yourself out of his way. Don’t ever run and don’t turn around and lose eye contact. Trust me, you’ll lose that race. They may look chubby but they’re fast as hell. Additionally black bears are slimmer than other type of bears, have dark fur and an elongated skull and slim limbs. They occasionally attack humans to feed on them so don’t feel bad to reciprocate the attack. Flight won’t do you any good so seek out a long stick and pound that thing hard in the face, on the ears, nose or even eyes. Make noise and scare the hell out of him.

Brown bear and grizzly bears: Don’t even think about attacking these ones because they will nail you down. The good news is that grizzly bears aren’t known for attacking humans out of pure joy. They will, however, do so when they think you want to harm their young. Whenever you see one, stay calm, I know this is hard but try and allow him to approach you. Then just pretend you’re dead. Grizzly bears don’t feed on carrions but please don’t drop immediately because this could awaken their play instinct. Oh and one more thing: Don’t offer them your bag to save your life because this could lead to them growing a certain familiarization to humans and we don’t want that.

Wolves: Good thing is wolves don’t naturally go after humans. When you are one of their victims you did something really wrong to piss them off. They can, however, be truly dangerous to people during an especially hard winter or in case of rabies. So, what to do when it comes to that? Step up your game, make yourself as big as possible and try to tackle one of the wolves in front of the others. They’re cowards behind all that growling. Your best weapon in this case would be fire, btw. Like a lot of animals, wolves detest fire.

Mountain lion: Although they have similarities to our kitty cats at home (at least appearance-wise) they can be real bitches. They don’t necessarily look out for humans but you could cross paths. What to do: Pretend you’re way bigger than you are. Use your clothes to create big silhouettes and really confuse the thing. He will recede. If not, try poking him with a stick or punching him into the face.

Remember don’t let these meet-ups get all too real. Decide to watch them from farther away, be conscious of markings, be noisy to let them know you’re there and NEVER move too quickly. That may trigger some predator instincts in them and that’s what we want to avoid.


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