AltewaiSaome  was founded in 2009 by two young artists and designers who were struck with the idea during their studies to implement their vision of unique fashion within the frameworks of their own label. The brand therefore is named after the two founders themselves: Natalia Altewai and Randa Saome. In the year 2011, the duo  dared to take the first steps by participating in theFashion Week in Stockholm  to which the two fashion creators are returning this year once again to present their ideas for the summer 2015. On Thursday, August 28th at 14:00 the runway show of this brand will take place.

I’m going to present the past lines to you in order to give you an insight into the world of AltewaiSaome. Dulled and also clear colors mark the style of the brand which presents classical as well as modern cuts. Often defined by voluminous and boyish silhouettes, the cuts are determined by different details. In the winter collection 2014, waist belts, ornamental bold seams and pockets were the main decorative components for instance. At the same time, the rather discreet main colors were jazzed up by luscious eye catchers.

This is fashion which is classical and yet modern – this very special style was implemented excellently in the summer 2013. Here, the duo above all made use of the strong and noble contrast between black and white in which real classics were colored. Cutouts and an exciting décolleté often turned the designs into real sensual stunners. The wearer indeed appears cosmopolitan and self-confident in AltewaiSaome’s minimalist, urban fashion marked by elegant minimalism and natural beauty.

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Copyright and Source: and, Photos by Kristian Löveborg