A dash of the military – that’s what comes to my mind when I browse Isabel Marant’s latest collection for the fall and winter of 2015. Her Ready-to-Wear line provides fashion for strong independent women – the strongly emphasized shoulder areas and figure-hugging shapes appear edgy and mercilessly sexy. This collection was without any doubt made for the self-confident woman, the woman who knows exactly what she wants out of life and has no qualms about simply reaching a hand out to grasp it.

Despite the strength that the pieces radiate as well as the unmistakeable influence that uniforms have had on them, they do not look in any way rigid or stern. Some of the ensembles even emphasize an overpowering femininity. The collection skillfully shows off soft components in a stark contrast with rigid structures, with both sides often combined in the very same outfit. After all, a woman aware of her natural femininity and strength is by default the most attractive and desirable woman in the room! Looking at Isabel Marant’s many designs for this fall, the ambivalence of hard and soft appears incredibly endearing. A woman who equips herself with these beautiful pieces is a woman who equips herself with confidence itself.

After all, fine feathers make mighty fine birds.

More information: www.isabelmarant.com