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The CIFF in Copenhagen doesn’t only feature labels which present individual fashion and accessories to you. I mean, how can a fashion victim live without amazing basics to complete her looks? One of the brands which specialized in basics is Decoy. To be exact, this brand creates hosiery, leggings and tights. These essential garments definitely belong in the wardrobe of each woman, today more than ever.

The looks of the stockings really is inspired by the traditional looks and natural style of a typical pair of tights. The classical color choice and the focus placed on unique comfort inspired by the wishes of the wearer herself characterize the collections. Skin-colored or black, the tights, be it a pantyhose or wool tights, can complete each everyday outfit of the modern woman and offers numerous style possibilities for different occasions with the help of denier variations.

The tights, leggings, knee socks or ankle-high socks don’t only individualize the classical look with the biggest degree of comfort possible. They also serve as a cheeky and sassy highlight or a sensual accessory. Slightly playful or charming and sexy patterns inspire you to create new styles. An extra category for shaping products will additionally make figure-conscious women smile and give you a significant confidence boost. Sexy Bodycon dresses can now be retrieved out of the wardrobe again!

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