This week is all about black and white. Black and white has been unchallenged in the fashion world and always comes in new styles. There’s no other fashion trend that is so timeless, versatile and long-lasting like this classic color combination. All the numerous different patterns could fill up hundreds of pages.

This is why I want to show you my favorite print, the zebra design. This animal print embodies black-and-white and can be interpreted in many different ways. Whether you want to express coolness, modernity or elegance, this design provides you with the right wild style.

The differences lay in the pattern, including big or small color fields, rounded or edged ones and symmetric or asymmetric shapes for example. An all-over zebra print transforms every garment into a statement piece!

No matter how you use this print, it will always have the same effect. If you think large prints are too much, you can also play with accessories, such as zebra shoes or a casual cap.

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