Charlotte Sparre: She is famous, loved and celebrated for her extraordinary prints, which you can find in each of her collections. These represent the main attribute of the designer and individualize the charm of Charlotte Sparre’s eponymous label. Adjusted to the chosen topic, the patterns will in the first place mesmerize you with their diverse, harmonic color choice and the lovely, cheeky and playful motifs.

Beginning with the production of silk scarves, the brand stayed true to its roots. Beautiful, luxurious silk remains the most used material in the women’s wear collection. Lavishly printed, soft silk determines the feminine style of the clothing lines – even in summer 2014. Thanks to prints rich in details, each piece is refined and receives a noble touch. Above all, joyful, bold colors emphasize the blissful character of the prints.

A girly, wild and feminine mix’n’match look which is marked by coolness and elegance in summery nuances is conquering the fashion world right now. Presented by top models like Cara Delevingne, the prints consisting of feathers, illustrations, ornaments and animal motifs attract a lot of fashion experts. The line seems to have captured the flair of the summer and almost oozes this particular feeling out of each millimeter of fabric. This is fashion dedicated to the beautiful side of the warm season and at the same time it emphasizes the beauty of the wearer.

Elegance which impressively depicted, cheekily combined and flashy – Charlotte Sparre is a designer whose shows you should not miss. At the beginning of August you will receive the chance to indulge in her summer collection for the coming year. At the fashion fair  CIFF in Copenhagen she will show what she’s got!

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