While observing the current movements in the fashion scene, one can discover an obvious trend towards fur this winter. However, you don’t have to wear real fur to move with the times, since fake fur is hotter than ever. Fake fur has been extremely hyped lately, running from Tokyo through New York, Milan and Paris to our capital, Berlin.

Not only is fake fur a lot more animal friendly than real fur, but it is also in no way inferior. I especially like it that the stylish coats or jackets never stick on one specific style. Instead, there are sporty, glamorous and even rock-inspired fur coats or jackets which can be combined individually with your style.

However, the often voluminous outerwear has one thing in common, which is the flashy and elaborate design with which you can set statements in any combination. That’s why the faux fur coat is my personal must-have this winter. The sassy jackets are there to impress. You won’t go wrong with this unique faux fur piece!

The current trend colors are warm brown shades and camel as well as caramel and chestnut, but brighter shades such as beige, pink or white are also very popular. For those who like it spicy, I recommend the neon look which presents the faux fur in vibrant colors.

More Information: www.mango.comwww.olsen.de