Grand Step is another label participating in the Ethical Fashion Week which will start on July 8th. Specializing in shoes, it is well known for their jelly boots for children as well as for men and women. But it also has made a name for itself with the help of eco-friendly designs like hemp sneakers which can be found in the assortment en masse.

Everything began at the beginning of the 90ies. However, the fundament has been constructed in the year 1911, when the family enterprise started to sell slippers. Today, the company has moved to Frankfurt on the Main and offers, apart from the mentioned hemp sneakers and rubber boots, classic models to women. Tiptoe sandals, classic men’s shoes and sturdy outdoor shoes can be found here as well.

The special attribute which the brand obviously is proud of is the craftsmanship, the pillar of their creations which Grand Step has managed to perfect. The comfortable fit, the production within Europe in small manufactures or family enterprises as well as the eco-friendly processing of the materials are the strengths of this brand. Comfortable leather and the avoidance of heavy metals like cadmium and lead paired with the use of recycled cardboard and silk paper for the packaging are the reasons why Grand Step was invited to participate in the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin 2014.


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