Zero to Ten presents new looks which are sensual and glamorous, wild, bold, rocking and occasionally elegant. These amazing styles bear a youthful casualness. At one time it’s shy and modest but the next minute it’s outgoing and provocatively sexy, it’s an all-round look for modern women who know what they want.

If you are into especially extravagant fashion then Zero to Ten is the place for you. Night black glamour rock matched with shiny elements is just one part of the newest collection. Short hot pants and lace blouses with collar, pleated skirts or with mesh, boxy jackets, pleated trousers and more will put the wearer into the spotlight. But this label can be different as well, for instance rural chic in tomboyish cut from the last summer collection. This time you’ll find fine shirt and trouser pairings and chic dresses.

I am mostly impressed by the experimentation which makes each collection a breathtaking and surprising sensation. Maybe that’s only made possible by the numerous Malaysian designers who determine the look of the label. They came together in 2009 and are going to present their newest creations in this year’s Fashion Week in Kuala Lumpur, which begins on the 18th, to be exact: on June 19th at 5pm.

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