A.L.L.I.E.N – one label, one strong motto: „We’re not only selling garment, we sell style“. And oh, how right you are. You guys will find the whole trendy package here. From golden accessories to casual Ready-To-Wear lines to Vintage leather bags but that’s not everything, kids, the collections are always really promising when it comes to surprising hits…

The people behind the label create incredible urban looks with strong contrasts out of black and white. The creations look elegant as well as sensual, cheeky, feminine, chic and very artfully made. To make the look whole, simple forms and loving accents are added. Sometimes through gathers of the fabric and sometimes through cheeky little wrinkles or little bags.

I especially love the laid back interaction between sophistication and vigour and classic and modernity, which will give the urban look a lovely vintage touch. You won’t easily find another label that combines elegant and sportive elements with such ease because the designer won’t even hold back on the cheeky prints and cuts.

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To round things up, the designer adds the cherry on top by bringing in wonderfully made handbags. He has small clutches, shopping bags, leather backpacks à la Hipster as well as matching purses to complete the look.

On the final day of Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week, A.L.L.I.E.N. will show you a sneak peek into their latest looks at 3pm. Men can also join the party to catch a glimpse of something that might be a thing for him.


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