Domanoff  celebrated its debut at the Ukrainian Fashion Week in 2008. The label participated in the project „New Names“ , where it won an award –  and was honored as the commercially most successful collection. Its latest collections are shown at the most important fashion events in Ukraine, too. As its popularity increased, it has become clear to the fashion world that the label prefers working with contrasts, mixing forms, cuts, textures and styles.

„Clothes must have a soul.“ is the label’s slogan. The goal is to show a person’s inner life through clothing – using only the best materials. Natural materials imported from Italy and France guarantee a high standard of production. The fall/winter collection 2014 looks supremely elegant.

The collection’s color range mainly consists of green gray and black, giving the whole line a gloomy, but elegant look. Domanoff mainly creates dresses and skirts, feminine silhouettes emerge from tight-fitting creations or with the help of flared skirts.

The label appeals to women who want to enjoy themselves. Finest materials hug the skin while cuts form a feminine silhouette.  At  Fashion Week Lvivwhich just finished you had the chance to see the creations of this label live.

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