The fashion brand Easton Person makes a true firework of summery lightness out of the winter collection this year. With a certain oriental touch, the models receive a casual finish. The combination of quality and sophistication is enhanced by the playful patterns. This is exactly why Easton Person cannot be left out at the Lakmé Fashion Week in March where it catches the eyes of all fashion fans in India.

As womanliness is played around with and also paired with casualness, the line appears exceptionally modern. The strict emphasis on figure is omitted throughout and instead imaginatively suggested and caressed. The green, knee-length dress acquires this, for example, through a waist belt. In contrast, the combination between a pair of relaxed 7/8-pants and short-sleeved tunic appears sassily masculine.

This combination is incidentally presented in several of your favourite colours such as white, black, green, grey and in colourful patterns. Dots and stripes provide for an extra portion of freshness and rejuvenate the already youthful character. I can only say that, with this collection, you can forget the dreariness of winter in no time and lose yourselves in the perfection of fashion!

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