We’re presenting Britt Samoson  who presented her latest collection at the Fashion Week in Lviv. Britt Samoson designs jewelry and is known for her unique illustrations. Looking extremely realistic and abstract at the same time, her drawings seem spooky and vexing, aswell as wonderfully fascinating. That’s the way her jewelry looks too.

This is not about conventional chains, rings or earrings. There are whole “frames” that usually close the women’s mouth and thus also remind you of rails and devices which are used a support of injured legs. They look complex, black and completely covered by gemstones. Who could say “no“ to this? The model can’t anyway because the piece of jewelry keeps her mouth shut.

Britt Samoson is a very special label. The artistically created accessories are beautiful and spooky at the same time. This tension makes the whole design interesting.

britt 1   britt 3   britt 4   britt 6

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