Here’s a great movie for all those who adore foxes like I do! “The Fox and the Child” is a French movie directed by Luc Jacquet, in which the girl Lila starts to follow a fox she is fascinated with, and they end up becoming friends. Thanks to the fox, her thoughts on Mother Nature change. Save for the child, no other humans appear in the movie. Only the adult Lila is shown at the end, telling her son about the story of the fox.

This movie stands out with its beautiful shots of landscapes and animals, epitomizing the relationship between humans and animals. Want to lay back and enjoy wonderful images of nature while imagining how life with a fox could be? The movie is just the right thing for you.

Several foxes were specially tamed for this movie, and all of them enjoyed a lovely long life afterwards. No worries about animal abuse or captivity here!

Fuchs Aussicht2

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