“How famous do you think you are? You are way more famous than any of my friends…”

Well? How would you feel if your older brother was the singer of the top-notch band “The Nationals”? It would probably be pretty cool but you would always stand in his shadow as well, right? The younger brother of the popular Matt Berninger was invited by his older brother to accompany him on his “Mistaken for Strangers” tour, and everything is documented.

This film does not only show great concerts and shows of the band. It also provides an documentary insight on the behind the scenes and the relationship between two brothers in which one of them constantly feels inferior to the other one.

This documentation contains beautiful recordings filled with emotions and the lifestyle ‘on tour’ and in addition, amazing music by “The Nationals”…what else could you want?

„Mistaken for Strangers“ will be out in German cinemas starting on July 10th.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OeSAUNvpvY

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