In 2002, the two designers Eniko and Christian Drimba founded their label Carla Brillanti. The label manufactures jewelry, which is mostly made of Swarovski crystals. Carla Brillanti specializes in creating jewelry and accessories for one of the most important days in our lives: the wedding day. Not only will you find jewelries for the bride, also her mother will be equipped with beautiful creations. The product palette offers bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, brooches and even tiaras.

Everything is kept in clear and pure white. Each piece seems to shine brighter than the other, and it’s really hard to decide for one single piece. The main features are repeating designs including minimalist pieces or floral patterns.

Carla Brillanti also offers designs for other formal occasions. Those creations are available in blue, red, green, violet and other nuances. They are incorporated into the filigree designs of the label. It’s seems like nature was the inspiration for this since many jewelry pieces look like vines or butterflies.

Carla Brillanti transforms the wedding into shining experiences. With the general collection the designers achieve to make every day a special selection of real masterpieces. Carla Brillanti will be also featured at the Bridal Week in Barcelona .

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