Maatin Shakir is the shoe designer, who founded his eponymous brand back in June 2013. Although the brand was still in its baby shoes, it was known in the whole country of Malaysia with its capitol Kuala Lumpur. That’s one of the reasons why those precious pieces simply had to be part of the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week  in June. Maatin Shakir had his time in the limelight directly in the beginning of the event, on June 18th at 5pm.

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side from shoes, the brand also offers a lot of clothing items. The Pre-Fall Collection is dedicated to true Fashionistas as it exudes a timeless and incredibly modern aura. Black and White create extreme contrasts on the dresses, skirts, blazers and other amazing garments. Their design range from elegant to sophisticated over clearly cut and extremely sensual and expressive.

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Now onto the most important part: Shoes, shoes, shoes! Classic color combinations are in the focus right here. In the limelight, of course, are the colors black and white, sometimes in a monochrome style. Strappy high-heeled sandals with stiletto heel stand next to slippers with an edgy heel – quite harmonious and multi-faceted I might say.

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