Vienna is a historic and impressive city which is also home to the fashion world. Zikos is one of the local boutiques which specializes in fur goods. As a leading dealer, Zikos works primarily with Italian and Greek labels. 40 years of experience speaks volumes! Zikos is far more than just a boutique; it’s also a brand of furs which are made by hand and tested in petty quality controls.

Therefore, Zikos stands for the finest of quality. The products are accompanied throughout the entire manufacturing procedure. Despite selective breeding, the skins are still checked and re-sorted before they are further processed. The furrier finally sews the final product from the high-quality furs. This meticulous work requires expensive techniques.

This lengthy process can be appreciated from the quality of the final product. In particular, coats and jackets by Mala Mati wait to be discovered by fur lovers at Zikos. Impressive coats or jackets with visible seams can be found in the current collection. The ant’s pants are currently fur in striped design.

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