This might be one of the most exceptional labels you’ve ever heard of. Von Bardonitz was founded by the German designer Nico Roscher in 2005 and was internationally praised for the excellent, brave and sometimes bold styles which were created in its famous hometown Berlin.

The women’s collection is shaped by contradictions. While the first aspect focuses on sensuality expressed by sexy creations, the other part is characterized by covering designs like oversized coats, long robes and ultra-voluminous shirts.

The black color emphasizes the mysterious atmosphere of the collection, while thin tulle contrasts with the heavy rope and wool. The coats seem to be especially extravagant due to their extremely accented, voluminous collars. The “One” collection is highlighted by a creation with fixed angel wings.

Men’s fashion can be sensual thanks to transparent designs too! But many creations are still influenced by femininity, just like the light blouse or the black robe. I’m fascinated by this distinctive but still tender look. I was particularly fond of the trousers composed of leathern and woolen stripes because of their unusual look

If you like to get to know a label that convinces with extravagance “made in Berlin”, I’d definetly recommend Von Bardonitz to you!

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