It’s been so long that a game has been optimized and written exclusively for the computer! These days, a game is developed and optimized for the XBOX or the PlayStation. In the last two weeks of development, the game usually is just ported to the computer real fast. And that’s exactly what most games look like on the computer nowadays – Awful.

After all the Ubisoft hate coming from PC gamers, especially because of their “ideas” like having an always-online DRM (Anti-Piracy-Software), where you even have to be connected to the internet when you’re playing a single-player game and a really boring Anno 2072 part, there’s finally some new hope again!

Watch Dogs is set in the near future in Chicago. You’re playing an agent in a world where everything is connected by smartphones. Ubisoft hasn’t shown too many details of the game, they’re trying to keep it as interesting and secret as possible until the release on May 27th, 2014.

One thing’s for sure though: The game looks gorgeous on the PC! In collaboration with graphics card manufacturer nVidia, Ubisoft managed to create a really breathtaking game!

Why not convince yourselves with this trailer.

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