I love the look of  Marni – classy fashion with boyish tendencies in the cuts, but yet a fine, feminine charisma. The design of skirts, dresses and coats appears very ladylike, as a breeze of luxury and sometimes decadency are always joining the look. Fur coats and fur vests complete the heavy and sturdy fabrics, which are beautifully formed.

Also the colors impress and harmonize together. Just in time for the winter season, dark colors dominate this collection. Black and different grey shades are completed with precious color highlights. Autumnal brown, khaki, red, blue, yellow and green make the winter outfit a statement.

Provided with pleated plants, which are similar to Marlene Dietrich’s style, or checkered dresses, the wearer is perfectly prepared for winter 2014/15. This look is an eye- catcher in both the business life and in the free time. Even if you go to a restaurant, you’ll gain a lot of attention. Fall’s colors are also included in the casual looking denim section where the designer experiments with metallic colors, like copper.

You can marvel at this label’s elegant look at the  Fashion Week in Rio. Consuelo Castiglioni founded this label in 1994; and each year, he proves that he perfectly knows about what women need. He forms a look for the fashionable woman who has high expectations on fashion.

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Copyright and Source:  http://www.marni.com/ and http://www.ffw.com.br/fashionrio/