Vividness is the name of the game for Holy Ghost’s new fall and winter collection, which premiered at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2015. The designers behind Holy Ghost seem to have discovered the perfect way to instill new life into empty seasons.

Their newest collection captivates viewers with a savvy mix of elegance and a clear, masculine-oriented look. Joining the collection are long evening gowns, shorter sheath dresses that slide along the body in flowing movements, wide cuts on oversized looks, strict looking blouses with button lines, two-piece combinations of sports jackets and last but not least, flexible pants. Black and white build up the foundation of the color palette for fall and winter, and are paired with grey, fine silver and light peach, as well as some soft olive and blue shades.

Setting aside the extraordinary mixture of austerity, chic and comfortable nonchalance in the cuts, there are also special details inherent in the pieces themselves. The weapons of choice are a variation of collars, loose pleated skirts and a thrilling balance between clear contours and flowing fabrics and shapes.

Within this interplay, Holy Ghost creates a collection that intensively accommodates everybody: there’s something for every mood and occasion. These pieces are designed to be layered extensively, and that way they adapt to one’s body and soul. If this isn’t luxury, I don’t know what else is. Brace yourselves for the coming cold seasons, and keep Holy Ghost close to your heart.

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