Fause Haten  is presented here on occasion of the Fashion Week in Rio, which has just started. This label will be a very special highlight there. Just have a look at the new spring/summer collection 2014 and you will quickly realize that this is no ordinary label.

The advertising campaign wasn’t carried out with mannequins but with Barbies, which leads to a quite scary atmosphere. Also the broken mirrors, which are used at the setting, emphasize this impression. The designs, however, look really high fashion, but are still exceptional. Fause Haten specializes in evening fashion which he demonstrates in very different silhouettes. Sometimes, the buttocks are highlighted with the mermaid cut. Other times; a transparent fabric is placed on the skin.

The designs are very colorful. Everything can be found here, from white to blue, green and red. This is also a contrast to the last collection for fall/winter 2013, which concentrated on black, white, red and pink. Each collection looks more mature and sophisticated. The new collection might be associated with bauble….

Fause Haten loves impressive and extravagant dresses. We’re looking forward to the performance at the Fashion Week in Rio.

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